Project Description

Project co-designed with Carlos Olagüe.

Selected for NUDE Design Talent Place – Feria Habitat Valencia 2014.

The “Ics” collection is built on the balance concept. The main element of each product rests upon a bar – which is suspended between the X-shaped structures – that supports all the designed objects. In this context, we created a collection composed by a chair, a standing lamp and a table.

The selection of the materials looks for the simplicity in both manufacturing and aesthetics, going for the spruce wood as principal manufacturing material. In addition, we have included in our project a fresh touch by taking into consideration the colors use and the transparency effects in some elements.

Ics chair

Made with the simplicity and freshness canons that characterized this collection – allows the cushion personalization by every own costumer. The cushion remains fixed thanks to the elastic both the back and the seat chair. We present Ics chair with a transparent cushion.





Ics lamp

Standing lamp Ics is structurally made by three rounds bars that harmonize with the family union elements. It is a lightly visual piece and it is very easy to produce. The translucent screen is adjustable in order to adapt to different uses of illumination.





Ics table

The Ics table is a desk. This piece has a crossbar located in the upper part of the extended bars as a support for hanging elements, such as a lamp – also adjustable – or others elements chosen by the costumer.